The Five P’s

Post by John Rickey on September 16 2014

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Digital Printing and Graphics is known for doing your printing projects same-day. If you need it today, we can get it done for you! But, that isn’t always the best formula for a successful project. It is not uncommon that mistakes are made when projects are done at the last minute (misspelled words, missing information, wrong phone numbers, folds in the wrong place, etc.) So, we preach the Five P’s.

If you know you will need printed material for a specific event or occasion, it’s a good idea to make a plan. Give us a call at 619-546-6008We are happy to help you determine what you will need and create a timeline and budget for your project.

We also understand that some things are due yesterday, and we want to be there to help you with your rush assignment. The key to this is to gather all the pieces you need, make sure all the information is correct and then get it to us as soon as possible.

As a first step, whether you want us to create artwork or your graphic artist will be doing it, write the copy. Type the text in MS Word. Don’t worry about fonts or size or how it will look. Just type the words. What do you want to say? What are you offering? What is important to mention? Include everything you want in your piece, address, phone numbers, everything. Allow enough time to proof your job thoroughly before printing. Ideally, you should also have someone proof it that did not type it.

For the next step, collect any photos, images, logos, etc. that you wish to use in your printed piece.  If they are less than 10 MB, you can email them to:  digitalprintingsd@gmail.com.  If the files are larger than 10 MB, you can put them on a thumb drive and bring it by, or upload them to our ftp site at: http://digitalprintingsd.com

When everything is ready, we will print a proof on the selected stock and trim it to size so that you have a sample of the final product. Look it over and once it’s perfect, we will print your job right away!



Campaign Print in San Diego

Post by John Rickey on September 30 2013

There is a lot of work during campaign seasons and we seem to be in the middle of a surprise one in San Diego. How do you reach the public with print media? Flyers, Rack Cards, Event Cards, Posters, Door Hangers, Business Card, Newsletters…all help get the job done, but you better have a good graphic artist to make your message stand out. We have done work with Sande Lollis for years. Besides excellent graphic design, Sande is a photographer which adds another dimension. We have a lot of candidates running for Mayor and I would ask you to look at this one.yardSignposter

Design Projects

Post by John Rickey on September 4 2013

I really enjoy printing beautiful jobs created by talented graphic designers. They can really make a statement about who there client is. The more they know about you, the better they can communicate your event or project. People do not realize how inexpensive a good graphic designer is especially when you look at the cost of the entire project. Printing is one cost but really, you need to look at the cost of the entire event. You can spend thousands of dollars on venue, guests, planning, food, promotion, decorations, etc. What is it worth to pull off a successful event? Karen Floyd of Karen Floyd Designs created my favorite  piece this week, a three-panel invitation folding into a 5×7 mailer.KarenBlogArt

Comic Con Artists find DP&G for Poster Printing

Post by John Rickey on August 11 2013

If you have ever been to Comic Con, you have seen the wealth of talented artists exhibiting their work and selling their skills. Last year, Digital Printing and Graphics was privileged to print posters for a local graphic artist, Eric Ninaltowski.

San Diego definitely has its share of talented artists and thanks in large part to Eric spreading the word and our ultimately-fair-low prices, this year, Digital Printing & Graphics printed a couple of thousand posters for Comic Con from a score of young artists.


Referrals are always welcome.

Post by John Rickey on July 22 2013

A couple of months ago I received a phone call from a young woman in Massachuttes. She had seen a wedding invitation and table settings that looked like passports that I had done. She had seen them on a local photographer’s website and asked if I could do something similar for her destination themed wedding. Congratulations Sara and Eric on your wedding Sunday, July 20th. Thank you True Photography for the referral.

I absolutely LOVE the Passports!  They came out beautifully.  I just dropped the place cards off at the venue and the woman I was working with has been working there for a long time and she has never seen anything like it before.  She loved the design and loved the seating chart on the inside!  I will definitely send you pictures from that day.  Thank you so much for everything you have been amazing!  –Sara

Digital Printing vs Offset Printing

Post by John Rickey on July 14 2013

dpop Offset printing is the age old process of putting ink on paper, where each color ink is is applied to a plate and transferred onto a rubber blanket and then onto the printed surface. Offset printing is very costly and time consuming to set up for and produce the first final print. Once every thing is set up, each copy is relatively inexpensive to print.

Digital printing involves transferring a digital image directly onto the printed surface. Digital printing is more expensive per page but made up for by the lack of costly and time consuming set up.